Welcome to the Official RED SONATA FIESTA 2010 blog!

Red Sonata Fiesta, a one-week Chinese Cultural Event, first to be organized in UTP by UTPOCM! Starting from 23-26 March, we'll be having Cultural Expo, Cultural Games & Activities, & lastly a Musical-Cultural Concert Night as the finale!

We hope to see you at RED SONATA FIESTA 2010!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our Banner for ONE NIGHT IN BEIJING is UP!!!!

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Check it out!! New photos today are uploaded to Facebook Group

Sunday, March 21, 2010

All 4 Seasons Tickets are out! Grab all now!!!


Collect all 4 designs to get a mysterious gift!!!
Contact Siew Ching -- 016 8920304

--- Location for Battles of Maestro (Day 1 - UTP Lake & Field; Day 2 - Undercroft)
--- Location for Eternal Spring (Roadshow -- Pocket D, Movie Showcase - Pkt D Theatre)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Change of Location!!

People please take note!!

The location of BATTLES OF THE MAESTROS (24/3 Wednesday 8pm) have been changed from MPH to UNDERCROFT!!

The location for MOVIE SHOWCASE (23/3 Tuesday 8pm) have also been changed from MPH to UNDERCROFT!!

Please pass the message! Thank you & SEE YOU THERE!!! ^^

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What's in it for you?!

Organized by UTPOCM

1st Time In UTP

4 days of Chinese Cultural Festival

We Proudly Present To You


Part 1: Eternal Spring Expo


Date: 23-24th March 2010

Time: 8am-5pm

Venue: Pocket D

Movie Showcase: 
(FREE Entry)

Date: 23rd March 2010

Time: 8pm

Venue: Pocket D theater room

Giving Out Bukit Merah Free Entry Tickets (worth RM 50 each) During Roadshow and Movie ShowCase !!!

Lucky enough to be the CHOSEN one??

Amazing prizes are waiting for you to WIN!

Part 2: Battles of Maestros

Date: 23-24th March 2010

Time: 5-7pm(outdoor)      8-11pm(indoor)

Venue: UTP Lake (outdoor) Undercroft(indoor)
Activities: Dragon Canoe Race, Kite Flying, Peking Opera, Caligraphy, Zodiac Painting, Chess and AngPau Hunt (FREE)

Need a cool blasting night show?! Here is it!

Part 3: One Night in Beijing

Date: 26th March 2010

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Chancellor Hall

Performances: Chinese Orchestra Musical, Flute & Kampang Crossover, Zhong Ruan Rock n' Roll, Chinese YoYo, UPAG, Chinese Mask, Wushu, Dragon Dance, 24 Drums, Singing, Lucky Draw and etc....

Experience Beijing Without even need to wait for AirAsia Promo!!!

Ticket: RM5 (Collect all 4 design for a mystery gift)

Kindly visit us at

Facebook Group: Red Sonata Fiesta 2010
Twitter: http://twitter.com/RedSonataFiesta

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

3 March 2010 - Family Day

On the 3th March 2010, we finally had our Family Day for the Red Sonata Fiesta committees after we postponed it for a few times (sorry ya, fellow committees).

The family day started with a speech by our Advisor, Gie Chuan.

For the ice-breaking session, the HICOMs and each department introduces themselves.

everybody was listening deliberately....

with a few exception doing things such as....

posing for photos... =,=

After the ice-breaking session, we had the game session. The committee members were divided into two groups and were asked in turns to guess the title of a song or a movie through a series of action portrayed by 2 "actors" at the front. Let's have a look at some funny moments

Familiar with this scene?

Is this how a vampire suck blood? (ewww..... so disgusting!) Edward Cullen can do it in a way 100 times more seducing! ^^

Yun Chuan is not professional at all, posing for the camera in the middle of the game pulak?

Then our great Advisor shows his talent in Peking Opera by doing a short demo (which astounded everyone with this hidden talent)

And that's about the end of the Family Day and everyone heads to the phototaking session

while others enjoyed the light refreshments provided

All in all, it was quite a fun day and the aim for this Family Day is achieved. The committee members were able to get to know each other more and enjoyed!!

A very special thanks to everyone that joined us in this Red Sonata Fiesta 2010 and the Family Day!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

One Night In Beijing

One Night In Beijing

Date: 26rd March

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Chancellor Hall


  • Night-Glowing Dragon Dance

  • 24 Drums

  • Orchestra Chinese Musical

    • UPAG

    • Chinese YOYO

    • Soloist – Flute & Kompang Crossover


    • Zhong Ruan Rock & Roll

    • Chinese Mask

    • Wushu

    • Lion Dance

    • Singing

    Experience Beijing without even need to wait for AirAsia Promo!!!

    What are you waiting for ??

                      Grab Your Tickets NOW!!!!

    Monday – Friday:

    Pocket D & USM

    11am - 4pm

    Games Registration & Ticket Sell